Bobby Rashida

hi All

My name Bobby my company had selected for VOIP Training in US my Interview was on 10 NOV 2008
I got Rejected i don’t know why that was the Question that they asked me

Q 1 Reason of VISIT ?

A : Business Training

Q 2 Which Company u work for ?

A: My company name

Q 3 how many Employee are there in ur Company ?

A i said 250 aproximate

Q 4 that is the first time ur visitng to US


Q 5 any other Country u have visited ?

A : no

then she said curently ur not aplicable for the visa how ever u can aply in future , how soon i can aply for the new appointment as my company is asking for the new appointment plz Reply Fast and Let me know why i got rejected



AVS Reply

Dear Bobby,

As your rejection was because you did not convince the interviewer that you deserve a US business Visa. You can reapply immediately once prepared to present your case. You should know that the visa interviewer will know that you are reapplying

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