USA visa interview Questions of a Gujarati DJ

Client Profile : By profession he is a DJ. 24 year old Single. Wanted to pursue a DJ course at dubspot in NY. Has his own set up of Djing instruments and is self trained on the equipment. Conducts shows…..
Appointment Date :  Mar 2015
Medium : English
MM : Good Morning officer
VO : Good Morning ! Your passport please ?

MM : (hands over the passport )
VO : So who is accompanying you for this trip ?
MM : Am going alone but my friend would be joining me at New York.

VO : Do they have USA Visa ?
MM : Yes they do and have been to USA many times.

VO : Which parts of USA do you plan to visit ?
MM : We would like to see the Wax Mueseum, Ripley’s believe it or not, Statue of Liberty…

VO : How many days do plan to stay ?
MM : Not more than three weeks.

AVS US Visa Agent Comments: It is difficult for a single young person to get b1b2 visa to USA. However if one is truthful and confident about their purpose of visit to USA and have professional training, it is possible to get USA b1b2 visa with ease !