USA visa In first attempt at Mumbai Consulate


Recently, attended interview for B1 visa at Mumbai Consulate.Believe it or not, got my B1 visa in barely 20 secs.My interview was scheduled at 8:30am, so reached the counsulate around 7 am.Later found its pretty useless reaching early as they let you inside only about 30 mins prior to your interview.

Once inside, had to wait approx 20 mins before my number was announced. I walked to the booth where there were two people waiting already. When they were done, I walked inside and greeted the officer , who was a pleasant middle aged lady,with a warm smile and she too replied back with a smile.I think this cordial exchange set the tone for the rest of the interview process. The interview went something like this

Officer: Whats the purpose of your visit?
Me: I am going for training on XYZ

Officer: How long have you worked with ABC(co name)?
Me; About N yrs.

Officer; Your Visa has been approved.It will be couriered in 2-3 days?
Me; Thank you. Have a nice day!

That’s it, had my Visa in about 20 secs, no documents, no invitation letter, no proofs, no certificates, nothing…infact didnt even have to open my documents folder.

Its worth mentioning that I have done my PG from IIIT and have worked with one of the Insurance majors in the past. That could have had some bearing on the length of the interview, but I still feel the best thing that you can carry to interview aprt from your documents is your self confidence. People often panic a lot before such interview and in the process give ambiguous answers which raises suspicion in the officers eyes. Stay calm and you’ll sail through like a charm.


Source: Immihelp

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