US visitor visa for widow client on blank passport

Client Profile:Widowed, Client Is the Principal of a school in Karnataka with 36 working years behind her. Client didn’t have children and her Mother stayed with her. Though being a Principal client was not comfortable speaking in English as she studied in Kannada Medium. Client held a blank passport.


Appointment Date : May 2015
Language :
Resident of :

JT : Good Morning officer !
VO : Good Morning !

VO : So do you have some in the USA ?
JT : My sister is there in Fresno and I am going to meet her.

VO : What does your sister do in the USA ?
JT : She is a registered nurse there.

VO : Is anyone accompanying you on this trip ?
JT : Yes. I and my other sister are going together.

VO : What do you do here ?
JT : I am the principal of the ABC school in Bangalore.

VO : Will you not miss school duties if you go to USA ?
JT : as per AVS training

VO : Congratulations ! Your Visa is approved.