US Visa Application of Previously Rejected couple


Mr. & Mrs. Talreja Profile : Previously rejected in December 2014.
Had filled the forms wrongly and had shown sponsorship. They were grilled for 15-20 mins and asked a lot of questions. Finally they were refused and the officer had to call the security to take them out as they stood there and started urging the officer to give them the Visa.

Appointment Date : Apr 2015
Medium : English

AT & ST : Good Afternoon Sir !
VO : Good Afternoon Madam.

AT : Sir, my mother can understand and speak in Hindi. I request you to kindly ask her in Hindi.
VO : In Hindi ? Sure Sure I will ask her in Hindi (smiles)

VO : Whom are you going to ? Do you have any relatives in the USA ?
AT : Yes my sister is in the USA.

VO : Are you married ?
AT : (As per AVS training)

VO : Do you have any other siblings here ?
AT : No but I have my (As per AVS training)

VO : Why are you going to the USA ?
AT : (As per AVS training)

VO : (Cuts in) Oh Wow ! You are going for her convocation ? Great !
VO : Your Visas are approved.

Role of AVS : The previous experience at the Consulate had left them absolutely shattered and shocked. A lot of bitterness and lack of exposure had prevented them from considering reapplication and give it an another chance. AVS had to start from -50 to prepare and bring them to apply together again. And after number of discussions and counselling / training sessions had been invested to make them interview ready. A lot of exercise was done in form filling. A thorough grooming session was given to them with least amount of investments

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Once your US visa is rejected, your chances of getting the US Visa approved reduces. It is best to get professional help to make sure you are giving your best the FIRST time !

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