Tanaisha- ()    03/17/2011 07:38:14 AM


My appointment was at 11:30AM but due to application overload, my interview got delayed by 3 hours.

The officer was polite, calm and to the point and asked me the following questions:

Me: Good Afternoon (with a smile)
VO: Good Afternoon

VO: How long do you intend to stay in the US?
ME: About 25 days

VO: Purpose of travel?
ME: Vacation, visiting friends and family

VO: Ok you will receive your passport in 7 days

I was granted 10 years tourist visa.

Overall I felt like they look for confidence and honesty in your answers. Keep your answers short and simple, keep your documents organized and ready for presentation and maintain eye contact at all times. I guess this makes all the difference.

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