Aarti- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra) 10/18/2012 09:31:15 AM

Hello everyone,

My mom went for Mumbai OFC appointment on 3rd, which took her around 2 hours to get her finger prints and photo right. She had the visitor visa interview appointment on 4th Oct which took her around 2.5 hours due to lots of people out there. She got the visa in this second attempt and we thought that was the end to our troubles. We went ahead and booked her tickets for 17th Oct.

But all our happiness was in vain when we realised she didnt receive passport until today. We have been getting the status Origination Scan. Had to spend bucks to postpone her trip and she will have to travel alone now.

Now the most interesting part: The status showed origination scan, we were calling the call center, using email to get status everyday twice, but everytime it was origination scan. On 17th Oct, my dad went to OFC mumbai to check whats up with it only to get the answer that its still with embassy. He raised a concern that it has been there for so long and that female somehow felt bad and offered to call some US office and check. She found that the passport was already sent to blue darts office on 8th oct. Dad asked for the docket/tracking number which she found out and finally Dad confirmed with the Blue Dart’s office and the passport was there since 8th. This has frustated us alot, apart from the unnecessary monetory loss, the mental torture that each one of the family members went through is immense. My brother went to blue dart’s office and picked up the passport today.

For all those who are seeing origination scan status, I would suggest you to please visit the OFC you have went to, check for the passport status. Just dont believe on the email and keep waiting. Even now I checked the status and the call center rep is telling me its still with

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