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Rahul Dsouza- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 06/04/2011 06:13:14 AM

My interview was scheduled at 07:45 at the US embassy, Mumbai Consulate. Didnt have a clue about mumbai. Hence reached the place at about 6 am. had to wait it out till 7 am. Then the security officer called out for 07:30 slot and then 07:45 slot. I moved it to that particular slot line. They issued me a token, then had me checked, then arranging of documents by personnel, then fingerprinting and then the interview.

Note: Wear formals, try to have a business oriented, smart look and be confident. They should have an impression that you mean only BUSINESS.

My interview started at 8:20 am. It Iasted for about 7 minutes. This is how it went:

VO: Good morning
Me: Good Morning

VO: Please pass the BEP Folder
me: Here it is (passed the folder)

VO: Name?
me: Rahul Dsouza

VO:Where you are going?
me: Phoenix,Arizona

VO:How Long?
me: 2 weeks

VO:Reason for going?
me: Manufacturing process, product and operations orientation and training.

VO: How long have you been working for Goodrich Aerospace? (She already knew my company)
me: 11 months

VO: Designation?
me:Manufacturing Engineer

VO:Which company were you working in earlier?
me: This is my first company.

VO: So what department are you in?
me:Evacuation Escape Systems division for the A380 Airbus aircraft

VO: Which aircraft?
me: A380 Airbus aircraft

VO: (Impressed; smiling) so what kind of training?
me: Certain quality concerns Phoenix is facing because of Bangalore production. I need to go to PHX to see the problems for better understanding so that i can implement the corrective actions in bangalore.

VO: Ok, your VISA is approved and will be couriered to you in a week. Thank you.
me: Thank you. have a nice day.

VO: Have a nice day.

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