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ABC- (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 06/14/2011 00:33:19 AM

First of all thanks to this site. It helps me a lot to maintained my confidence.
VO officer asked me following questions:

VO: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good, Thanks you, what about you?
Vo: fine, thanks.
Vo: what is your purpose to visit USA?
Me: Product Training. (explain why its important to me, also mentioned that i have 1 year experience in the organization.)
Vo: How long you will stay there?
Me: 4 weeks
Vo: 4 weeks time it long for the training, what you think?
Me: 4 weeks is appropriate time for training, i have appropriate agenda for the same.
Vo: can i have your agenda please?
Me: (pass training agenda to her) & explain it.
Vo: What is your annual income?
Me: xxx lacs/annum
Vo: Congrats!!! (with smile) your visa got approved, you will get your passport within two days on your mailing address.

Lesson Learned: Be Confident, & dress well.Be prepared for the frequently asked questions, avoid to make story there.

Hope this will help you, All the every best!!!

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