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sujith.josephssj 07/24/2013 06:02:40 AM

Guys, I usually I dont comment on any forum but this forum really helped me on my preparation. Like other, I have put in my experience, if it helps even one, would be happy,

Thumb rules
>Its natural to be tensed, every one is, so once you know you are going to an interview make sure you practice go through this forum answer yourself in front of the mirror for the questions. Do it once you wake up and before you go to sleep (It fixes the answer in your sub concious, hence less chances of fumbling)
>You are not going to US to replace someone or doing “PRODUCTIVE” (never use this word) work
>Safe and best use “Business meeting” on your invite letter if travel is less than 2-3 weeks.
>Honesty is the best policy. Dont argue, accept the facts.

Travel dates more than 2-3 months
>This is the part where everyone gets stuck, dont mention on your invite letter as “TRAINING”, 8 out of 10 chances are rejected.
>It would better for you to tell that your are going to share knowledge with them, than they training you.

VO: Can I have your passport pls
ME: Gave them
VO: why do you want to travel to US
ME: Knowledge sharing with US staff
VO: Do you work for XYZ company?
ME: Yes
VO: How many employees work in ABC location in US XYZ company
ME: 1000+ (Note: if the number is too small say 50-100 they might reject on the ground that its not a big company)
VO: How long?
ME: 2 months
VO: wow!!! could you please explain me in detail the purpose
ME: told that I am going to share knowledge with them and when I RETURN BACK TO INDIA THE losses are minimized.
VO: typing for about a minute and said “Remember you cannot do any productive work during the stay” however I am approving your visa.

Remember guys no productive work. and mention the word Return back to home or when i come back home (assuring that you will be back) Hope this helps!!!

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