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ankushmyankush (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 07/02/2013 11:48:40 AM


I went for BI Interviewer today at Mumbai and i has handed over 212(b) slip

VO : Good Morning
Me : Good Morning

VO : Where are you going
Me: New Jersey

VO : Are you going for a meeting ?
Me : No , going for a In house Training

VO : How Long ?
Me : 4 Week

VO : What the name of your company ?
Me : Answered

VO : How long you are with your company
ME : 11 Months

VO : Where did you worked in Past ?
Me : Answered

VO : What does you father and Mother Do ?
Me : Answered

VO Typed something in screen and said the words “I am sorry but i dont find you eligible for B1 today”


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