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Anil kulkarni 07/23/2013 04:19:29 AM

My OFC was scheduled on 22/07/2013 at 11AM. This is what happened:
I went there at 10AM. Was bit reluctant to go early as I was not sure whether timings are strict as would have otherwise needed to stand outside for one hour. But fortunately timings didn’t look strict. I went in directly. There was already a queue formed. After minimal security checks was allowed in. There I was given one token and immediatly went in for finger print scanning and photo. I was out by 10.20 AM :).

Visa interview on 23/07/2013 8AM. This is what happened.
I woke up at 5.30AM (yeah man rally! :)) and got ready by 6.20AM. I walked from my hotel to consulate office at 6.45 AM. This hotel name is Sona’s inn (near kun hyundai showroom), if anyone is interested. Then reached there by 6.50AM. There was already a line of around 100 odd people. Around 7.10 AM, they separated line for 7.30 AM interview slot and one for 8 AM slot and one for 8.30/9AM slot. Luckily I came first in line from last during this separation (lucky me:) ). So in general it is better to reach this place 1.5 hours before your actual interview slot is.

Then we went in after security checks. They also sticked one paper on passport. Everybody here said need to keep things like pockets, mobile aside so I hadn’t carried anything. There was another line inside for finger print scanning. This is to cross verify that real person is appearing for both the places (initial scanning and interview place). Then they also allocated one token number and pasted it on passport (other side, front). Then we were moved to second building. Here you have to wait for 10mins-20 mins depending upon number of people coming for the slot. There are chairs to sit. Once your number is displayed on LCD monitord hung there, you have to go to resp shown window for interview.

Windows shown for me had middle aged white guy taking interview. He looked jolly. When I was in line for Window , three guys next to me were given visas. BTW whenever you are aiting in this final line for resp window sor sitting on chair for your number to appear on LCD, don’t bother about going on interviews. That adds to your tension and nervousness. Remember everyone’s application an dprofile is almost unique so even if somebody got rejected for same reason for which you are applying visa, need not necesary that you also will get rejection. So be cool and calm and practice your question/ans in mind if you are nervous (or watch LCD TV adds which shows place sin Us, better to reduce nervousness :), practicing in mind at that time makes me more nervous so I did this watching rather 😛 )

Visa interview was something like this.
VO: Good morning sir. Hoe are you doing?
ME: Very good morning officer. I’m doing good, how about you?
VO: I’m good too. Thanks. Give me your passport.
(gave passport)
(at this stage he wa slooking at his screen scrolling and reading.. he was nodding his head as if listening to some song, which felt good and I got good vibes 🙂 )
VO: What are you going for sir?
ME: I’m going to visit customer for business meetings. We will be doing high level planning and requirement analysis for the next realse of the customer product.
VO: (again looked at screen and said) so you work for this XXXX company (he meant client/customer company)
ME: Yes.
VO: When did they make their product public?
ME: XXXX was formed in 2009 . Recently we have become public and initially it was in kind of stealth mode. We have couple customers now.
VO: So how long you have been working with your company sir ?
(this was not audible so I heard how long you will be there )
ME: I’ll be there for two weeks.
VO: No no, I meant how long you hav ebeen working with this YYYY company (this wa smy current company)?
ME: 2.5 years; 33 months to be specific
(VO was busy reading something on his screen)
VO: And you are working as senior architect?
ME: Yes
VO: OK sir, I’ll keep your passport and you will get it back in 3-5 business working days.
ME: OK. Thanks you officer. Have a great day! (I smiled while sayinig this)
VO: (nodded with smile)

And my visa was approved!

PS: IMHO if you reading this for preparing for your interview then read maximum approved visa cases on this forum and read only couple rejected ones (just only enough to understand the reason for that). That gives you lot of confidence.
Also, prepare your own question/ans for your case after reading through this forum. That helps! Best luck!

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