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Sachin- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 11/28/2012 03:19:25 AM

Hi Everybody,

First of all thanks for sharing the experiences and givings us those small lessons which you learned in your experiences. Thanks immihelp for such a helpful portal. I had my visa interview on 27th November 2012. The biometrics on 27th
November. Let me share with you my experience.

Day 1(26-November-2012)
Location : US Consulate, Trade Center Mumbai.

I was staying at Kamran Residency, again this hotel information i got form immihelp portal. This hotel is strictly for those who wants a shelter in mumbai near by US consulate that too at affordable price. I will not go into details of Hotel for now.
My biometrics was scheduled at 9:00. So i woked up at around 7:00, reached the consulate at 8:00. There was a small line already formed, i just asked the security person and he asked me to join the line for 9:00 o clock batch. Around 8:30 we start moving inside and at 9:10 i was inside the center, first normal security check was done and then some officials cross checked our DS-160 confirmation page. They usually reconcile the data with that of passport. Several members ahead of me were asked to correct their DS-160 confirmation form, i was thinking how foolish those guys were. Anyways, when my turn come i was confident that everything is fine with my form, BUT… my birth place was wrong in DS-160 page. What the *&*%&^.. I was totally surprised, felt foolish, ashamed and bit irritated. They asked me to go to nearby cybercafe make the corrections and take new confirmation print. Also to re-print the new Appointment letter.
My day just started. The officials informed me that there is a 16th block two three blocks away form the tradecenter where i can get a cybercafe. Since i was already irritated as soon i came out of the building one auto puller asked me if i am looking for cyberCafe. Great.. i fetched him and too my surprise he just took me to hardly 200 meters away to a cybercafe. The cybercafe is some kind of Den. Operated inside a building, very untidy. I give the auto walaah 10 rs.
The cyber cafe owner without asking anything told me he will charge 150 rs for using the internet, Can you imagine…?. Well it was need of the hour so i agreed, suddenly more 10-15 people with same frustrations came there.. Anyways after changing the form and taking two printout, the guy asked 170 rs.. i asked him that he said 150rs initially, but he said 150 only for internet usage, 10rs for each printout. ..

I came back to tradecenter, given my new confirmation page done with my biometrics. They put a large stamp on my appointment letter saying, Please take a new printout of this form. I initially thought i just need to take a fresh print out. But soon i realize that since i made corrections in my DS-160 new confirmation no got generated and i need to take new appointment letter printout for this new confirmation number. Great…. My visa was under BEP program so i didnt have any login details to reprint the letter. I called my HR, she said even she dont have any print option. I took new printout of my old appointment letter and went back to trade center. The official told me that i have to login to my profile and take new printout of appointment letter. Till this time, i was confused, frustrated and literally gave up hope that i wont be able to attend the interview.

I called back my HR, again the same answer. But my HR also called Chennai and Mumbai Consulate help line numbers. After around 2-3 hrs, My HR called me back and ask me to take a print out of some mail which the consulate has sent to her.
In the mail it was written that ask your candidate to carry original appointment letter and the new DS-160 confirmation page.

time 4:00 PM. I was very tired because cybecafe is bit far and i had totally given up. Finally i just took the printout of the mail , came back to hotel and slept.

Day 2(27thNovember)
Location : US Consulate C-49 Near Trident hotel.

My interview schedule was at 7:45 am. I woke up around 5:00 reached there at 6:00. Already many people had come there. Around 6:30 the officials came ask us to form a queue. At 7:00 one official came to verify our forms. The officially straightaway remove the stapled appointment letter and ask me to keep it inside since its not required. I was like, totally astonished. Man i spend 4-5 hrs for this bloody appointment letter and it was of just no use. Great.. I was happy and bit confused too. Anyways after that everything was smooth. We had one more round of biometrics and at around 7:55 i was infront of VO. The VO was a lady officer and had just came and i was the first one, She asked me few questions
VO – Why are you going
VO- For how long you will be staying.
VO- Where will you be staying in US.
VO- Whats your current salary.

thats it. i was waiting for the golden words. But.

She just said, you can collect the passport from pickup point. Next please.

I left but i knew that since she didnt handed me the passport that means my visa got approved. Now i am waiting for the passport. Lets c.


1) Check your DS-160 form thoroughtly for any mistakes, Just cross check with your passport.
2) Dont assume things and prepare well.
3) Stay calm and cool.


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