Re-entry time on B1B2 for USA


In how much time can i Re-Enter into USA if i have a 10 year multiple enter b1b2 visa?

There is no set rule for reentry in USA if you have a 10 year multiple entry b1b2 visa. Since you have a Multiple Entry USA Visa, USCIS has already cleared you to travel as many times as you may require. However !! make sure you can justify why you are entering USA.

For Example:

You enter USA on your B1B2 Multiple Visa and at the Point of Entry(POE) you mention the purpose of visit as tourism. Most likely you will get a 6 month stay permit.

Say you use the entire six months and leave usa at 5 months 3 weeks.

Now you want to re-enter USA within a months time!…be prepared to answer a lot of questions at POE as the Officer is thinking how can one take a vacation for almost 6 months and then come back for another vacation ?


When you entered USA the first time you did some business related activity. Which means you didn’t clarify your purpose of visit the first time !


You entered USA for the first time, have found a CASH JOB in USA and now want to re enter to continue working there !!

On the Flip Side, Some of our customers have successfully stayed in USA for 9 months of a year, entering after 15 days on completion of 3 month permitted stay. But their purpose was very clear ! … they were marketing their products and services and had to do the same. And they never faced any issues.

Bottom Line..Do Not lie/Cheat or go with the intent to cheat…There is no might succeed once but wont be lucky always !.. instead be clear about your purpose of visit to USA at POE and tell the truth !!!

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