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Rajagopal Iyengar- ()       01/06/2010 15:17:04 PM

Hav egot B1 Rejection today-6th Jan,2010.
Questions Asked:

What does your company do?
I answered development of so & so products.

Why are going to US??
To meet client understand their Requirements & send the same across to India for Development.

What salary are u earning??
I Said XX LAcs per annum

How long have u been working in this Organization??
I have joined this Organization on the 16th of December,2009.

My Visa got Rejected was given a 214B form & the reason said by the Vo was that I have not spent enough time in your New Organization so we cannot grant u this visa this time.
I Have had all the supporting documents,sponsorship letters,etc.
Kindly comment how to crack this case I want a B1& I ahve to be in the states latest by 20th of January,2010.

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