Point of Entry (POE) b1 or b2 ?


What is a better reason to give at USA point of Entry Business (b1) or Tourist (b2)?

Well, this option will arise only if you have a b1b2 Visa to the USA. And the obvious answer is to say the truth !. but here is the catch !

if you are a business man going for a tour to USA, and you say tourism at POE, is it possible that you will not discuss about your business with anyone you at all ?? Most likely you will land up discussing some thing related to business which might help you in your business development.

The only practical way the above might not be true is if you are going with a packaged tour.

In case of both B1 and B2 at Point of Entry 90% of the time you will get a six month permit.

So ! if you are going as a tourist and at POE you mention tourism and you get 6 months stay, there is a very good chance that you will stay for longer thinking that since you have six months you can finish your tourist activity and then spend some time on business.

However, Remember..staying for anything longer than a month in USA when you have entered as a tourist will hinder your chances of re-entry in USA.

The reason behind this is, the next time you enter Point of Entry officer will have a doubt considering you entered as a tourist before and stayed for say 2 months… Who in today’s world will take a vacation for two months ???

The opposite is not very true. If you enter USA on business, you may do tourism activity for a while and also Justify your extended stay.

NOTE: This post is not an attempt to guide on how to fool or lie to the USA Point of Entry Officer. These are general scenarios for business people going for tourism to USA on B1B2 USA Visa.

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