Ram- ()       03/10/2010 10:08:03 AM
i applied for B1 visa thru a reputed company. i attended the visa interview at Mumbai consulate on March 10th & my visa was approved in less than a minute.

Tip: if u have lost a passport previously plz carry the FIR or related documents.


1. i entered the consulate with the main folder.
2. done with security check
3. submitted my docs at the 1st counter for initial check.
4. Q)lady asked me for the FIR of the lost passport.
A) i answered.
5. Then i was asked to go to another counter for finger print scanning & the visa app barcode scanning.
6. Done with the finger prints
7. i was asked to go to the waiting area & collect a token for my round.
8. collected the token & there were 50 ppl waiting for their turn.
9. but after 2 mins i was called to one of the counter .
10. i went to the counter & interview begins with a greet from me.

Me: Good mrng.. loudly
VO: good mrng

VO: extended her hand for the docs
ME: submitted the folder

Vo: How long r u working for the current company
Me: answer

Vo: what do u do at the current company
Me: explained the job role.

Vo: have u lost pp
Me: yes

Vo: ur visa is approved.
Me: Thank U, have a nice day.

came out of the consulate.

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