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Hi i am writing this note with an objective to enable all to get a B1 VISA ASAP. We would have to keep a note of the following:
1. Very neatly dressed ( Preferably in a Blazer)
( Must have a professional look for B1)
2. Not to panic
3. Keep all supporting documents
4. Ensure that your invite, appointment letter and passport are handy so that u get an entry fast
5. Dont carry mobile.

First you should have the following documents as a minimum requirement
1. You qualification certificate
2. DOB certifcate or SSC school leaving cert…
3. Invite letter
4. Resume
5. Itinery
6. Letter evidencing that your cost would be borne by the company
7. Document where u r going to stay in US
8. Please memorise the place of stay as the office my ask during interview
9. You have ascertain the VISA office one day prior to the interview so that you dont have any confusion on the date of the interview
10.You past experiance letter of your previous organisation
11.Any document that would evidence that you will return to India — VERY VERY IMPORTANT
12. A pen handy
13. No any accesories
14. Talk only what is asked
15. Greet the VO office and be very plesant

Please note that in case of B1 the interviewer has to only ascertain as per sec 214(b) that you will come back to India. In case you are getting married or in case you have a planned travel in India or may be your close relative is getting married you may carry necessary support for the officer to get satisfied that you would return.

  1. TAKE NOTE OF THE ABOVE THINGS YOU WILL DEFINATELY GET A VISA. Be carefull and confident, recheck your documents one day before the interview.

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