Fake Jobs in USA Scam


There are lot of lucrative job offers in USA posted on local Indian job portals. These companies offers jobs in USA to dishwashers, drivers, basically unskilled workers.

Recently a client of Allied Visa Services was contacted by such an agency for a job of a driver in USA. The individuals were posing as area managers for Restaurant and vineyard company based in LA California. They insisted that applicant have to pay $350 initially and their company will pay $1000 which is used for Application with the USA government.

They also mentioned additional fees will follow if the case is once approved. They also claim to be doing this along with the US immigration department. On actually contacting the company that they claimed to represent, The company officials told us that they had no idea about any such employment or scheme that they are running.

Please be aware of such scams as they are targeting low income low skilled groups in order to extract hard earned money. Remember there are only few Job categories in which USA takes workers from other countries, H1 (skilled workers), H2 (Seasonal Workers), J (Exchange Interns) and GC for workers.

All these categories have rules and regulations which are listed on www.uscis.gov. Find the best you fit in before believing any Jobs/Visa Agents.

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