Bhavya chinnareddy

Bhavya chinnareddy- () 04/12/2010 03:26:11 AM

I would like to share my experience of VISA interview at Mumbai on 6 April 2010.

Let the hotel at 7.50am reached US consulate at 8.00 am, stood in queue , secuirty guy did not allow me inside as my appointment was at 10.15am, finally at 9.30am he left me inside , passed the security check..pls carry only douments required nothing otehr than that.
Aperson took my biomarkers and gave me a sleeve to hold passport and confirmation letter and asked me to wait ..I waited for 2 hrs and finally my turn came.

v0: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning
VO: What do u do
Me:Explained by position in so so so company
VO: expalin about your role
Me: Explained shortly abt role
vo: Purpose of visit
Me: training
Vo: YOu will receive visa in week
ME: Thank you
Key is first relax, stay calm, listen to question answer crisply waht is required only and take all possible documents required.

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