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Rahul Kayala 02/20/2013 08:41:20 AM

Hello Immihelp,

First of all thanks to all the immense experiences posted here which helped me prepare for my B1 VISA to the USA.
I am a 21 year old third year engineering student from Bangalore and was attending a conference in NY. I had my VISA interview on 19th Feb 2013.

The Interview was very short as is under:

VO: Good Morning Sir, Please come to the counter
Me: Good Morning, How are you doing?

VO: Please give me your passport.
Me: Handed it over. Do you need anything else?
VO: That’s it for now. Let’s find you on the system.

VO:So you’re going to New York?
Me: Yes Officer

VO: Why?
Me: To attend xxx summit as I have been awarded a fellowship.

VO: How long will you be in the US
Me. 5 days (as per DS160)

VO: Who will be paying for the trip
Me: My father

(Types for 5 seconds)

VO: You are good to go young man. Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple.
Me: Pheww!

He seemed very enthusiastic to hear my replies and before me he refused one H1B Visa applicant as well.
Not a single document was verified. I am posting this as my thanks to all the people who posted and helped me be confident for the interview

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