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om shankar mishra- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) 09/26/2012 07:57:37 AM

I been to consulate office today and faced my B1 Visa Interview. I’ll not state all the discrete details of the interview process as its all common some or other way. I want to give my conclusion for those who are first time scheduled for the same.

Please take care of following points:
1) Be what you are, don’t fancy yourself and endup with nervousness.
2) Be in time and try to relax your self, ie feel cool.
3) Take the interview as just a conversation to a person you met first time. You no need to feel like an applicant but like a friend, whom you are sharing about yourself.

Don’t gather too much experiences from others as everyone’s perception may differ for the same.

Lastly but not least, Be true to yourself.

Jai Hind
Om Shankar Mishra

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