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desipicture 03/19/2013 01:09:24 AM


Went for my B1 visa interview on March 19, 2013.
Background: I was in the US for ~9 years on F1 and then H1 visa. My company in US had filed for GC but I returned before the GC came through. I joined a new company in India and have been working for last 3 years now. Current company asked me to file B1 visa.

Here is how the interview went
Questions from the VC

Good morning
How are you?
Please give me your passport
Where are you going
Why are you going
Were you in the US before
Where in US were you before
Did you join current company in india or did they offer when you were in US
How long will you stay in US
Will you take your family with you
Visa is approved. Thank you.

Hope it helps others…

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