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nawalasansol 03/20/2013 03:57:27 AM

Hi All,

I have attended B1 visa interview yesterday(19th March 2013 , Mumbai) and thanks very much to this forum which help me to get the US visa . I went through almost all the comments written in this forum . Now here is my overall experience
I have applied for 5 week of travel and I was really scared of its approval because 5 weeks for business meeting is not acceptable but thank god in my form I have written training and Business meeting and prepared well for that answer with detailed meeting plan .

I got following question

VO:- Purpose of Visit?
ME: – To attend class room training session of XXXX tool and meet with the different business team, stack holder .

VO:-How long you want to stay in US?
Me:-5 weeks.

VO:- 5 weeks ?(Surprised )
ME :- Yes

VO:- Why 5 weeks?
ME :- I had discussion with the US counter part and they come up the 5 week plan which will include ASASASASAS (Explained my each week plan).

VO:- You have detailed plane with you?
Me :- Yes here it is.(handed over)

VO:-What kind of business meeting ?
ME:-Explained in brief which is written in my Plan document .

Vo:- Which place ?
Me:- Place name in USA?

And then the golden word your visa is approved and have a nice trip.

1) Write and Practice the sample question as many times as you can do.
2) Be confident, calm and hide your nervous.
3) Go through all your document and your talk should be matching with your document.
4) Believe in yourself and god.

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