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igotvisa 02/01/2013 11:05:08 AM

First of all, thanks to Immi help and all the people who shared their experiences…It really helped me!

So here goes mine…

Overall, the experience was good today…especially when the V.O. said ” Your visa has been approved!”

I had my biometrics done on 28th Jan 2013.
Interview: 7.45 am on 01/02/2013
First, there was a general security check, where your wallet, watch and the file of documents go under the scanner.
I thought the next step would be the interview…but NO, it wasn’t!
They led us to an open area, where we had to sit and were requested to keep our current passport out(they hardly even glanced at my appointment letter.)
Later, I entered a big hall, where a token number was given.
Fingerprinting was done again.
I had to wait till the T.V. flashed my token number, along with the Window number (where my interview would take place).There were around 100 interviews to be conducted before me!

Finally at 9.15am, flashed my number and it directed me to Window no.29:
Me: Good Morning Ma’am!
V.O: Good morning…may I have your passport?

She then verified it with the details on her computer.

V.O: Company name?
Me: XXX co.
V.O: Designation?
Me: Marketing Manager
V.O: Purpose of visit?
Me: Exhibiting at XXXX show on behalf of my company
(She asked me the name of the show again…I guess, to verify)
V.O: How long will you stay?
Me: around 3 weeks
V.O: (Surprised look) Why so long?
Me: (gave her all the reasons)
V.O: Salary p.a in rupees?
Me: Rs. XXX p.a
V.O: How long have you been in this company?
Me: Since May 2012
V.O: Are all these tourist visas? (pointing at my other visas)
Me: Yes
V.O: OK…Your visa has been approved…you can collect it in 3-5 business days!
Me: Thank You!!!

(1) Just be calm and confident…More than documents…it’s ‘YOU’ whom they are interested in!
(Except for my passport…she didn’t ask anything else!)
(2) Try to hide your nervousness…if you look vulnerable, they may reject you.
(3) The earlier you reach, the better…people came one hour before their scheduled time.

Best of Luck!!!

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