approved usa visa for business at mumbai consulate


Interview date : Aug 3 2009, Mumbai
I have had F1 and H1 in the past and was applying for Business Visa this time
Interview Time : 7:45 am
VFS lounge facility availed, but not really worth it unless you want to keep mobile, etc in their locker. I think the next time I go for a Visa Interview (which may be 10 years from now) I will not avail of the VFS Lounge facility.. if it exists, that is!

Anyways here is how it all went …
1) reached the consulate via the VFS bus around 8 am
2) stood in queue outside the consulate gate 20 mins
3) done with finger printing 8:50 am
4) atleast 300 people in the Interview hall. August is a lot of rush because of F1 visas
5) 10:20 I get called for the interview

VO: Why do you want to go to the US
me: I would like to meet some clients in the US plus I have lived in the US in the past, so would like to catch up with friends

VO: Whats your company name?

VO: How many employees?

VO: How much do you make?

VO: Do you have your tax returns?

VO: Your visa will be issued to you
me: thanks a lot.. have a good one!


Source: Immihelp

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