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Dear Friends
I attended embassi on 10 of jan for B1 Visa they issued me 221 form g. Visa office asked me following question.
1) what was ur role in previous company?
2) Your designation in pervious company?
3) my current CTC
4) current project
5) current designation
after that she gave me (221 form g pinkform) for the admin process i send my document on 22 nd of Jan for admin process wher they have sent coupple of question i answered and sent one extra client letter followup letter and Feb 24 i sent them a follow up mail stating that my need to us. on 28 they said me to send my PPT and i sent on 3 rd or MARCH and on 13 th i got My VISA Stampng its took 2 month.
i like to tell you all dont panice or dont get tense give your best and keep cool and relax. All the best. God Will Help us Always for our Hard work and effort trust him

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