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Rahul- (guest from Mumbai, Maharashtra, india) 05/22/2012 00:00:45 AM

I had B1 US VISA interview on 21st May 2012 at Mumbai and it got rejected.
See following communication happened with VO
me:– Good Morning
VO:–Good Morning
VO:- Please give your passport
me:-Passport given
VO:-Where are you going?
me:-XXX City in XXX State
VO:- What is the purpose of Visit?
me:- Business Meeting
VO:- With whom?
me:- with my team over there.
VO:- What is your company name?
me:–XXX name of company
She checked in computer for same.
VO:- Did you travel to US before?
me :– NO
VO:- What is your annual salary?
me:– in Lakhs
VO:- Did you travel abraod ?
me:- Yes
VO:- Where?
me:- XXX and XXX two country
VO:–what was purpose?
me:- Business Meeting
VO:- With Whom?
me:- My team
VO:- How long you are working with Company
me:- around 2 month
VO:- Then how did you travel to two countries?
me:- It was with my prevous company
VO:- Which Company?
me:– XXX company
She check on computer and told me that your VISA can not be Grant now. Hand over my Passport with 214b letter. She mentioned reason saying DS160 mismatch..but I couldn’t hear it properly and did not ask again also.

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