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Abdul- (guest from mumbai, maharashtra, India) 08/09/2012 01:30:41 AM


I have attend B1 visa interview June 14 at Mumbai

Interview going on like below…

1.What company your are working now?
2.How long years working this Company?
3.Purpose of visit?
4.Staying Period ( Here plz dont say more than 4 weeks)
5.What project you are goign to discuss?
6.What is that? ( need explain the project more details)
7.Are you going to work? ( i answered no..not at all)

then consulater given me for pink slip and said need some administrative processing from my side and said go to another counter.

Another one indian lady ask some question like below

1.What is father & mother name?
2.How many brothers and sisters? where are they living?

thats all and india lady said your visa is grannted but we need some administarive processing so it will take 8 – 12 weeks.

and also they taken my passport.

then asked some of my friends and serach some site why pink slip given, they answered your name is included common muslim name tats y they given pink slip. yes my name is included (mohamed khan)

Finally god grace i got my passport with visa for 10 years multiple entry exactly 8 weeks finished.

Interview date: 14-Jun-2012
Received Date : 03-Aug-2012
Location : Mumbai.

So dont worry who are all got pink slip….you will get visa which they mentioned weeks finished..


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