USA Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa for USA rejection rate

Tourist, Visitors visas for USA rejection rate

REMEMBER ONLY 52% TOURIST VISA (B2) APPLICANTS GOT ACCEPTED IN 2013, Tourist VISA has the highest rejection rate, PLEASE CALL 8080921713 to professionally handle your case

Tourist Visa is for anyone who wants to go on a holiday. We process Visa Applications for Tourist Visa for USA. Tourist Visa application is simple however the scrutiny by VISA counselor is responsible for high rejection rate.  It is dependent on genuine intent, correct documentation & accurate forms. You may also need confirmed hotel bookings & travel insurance, which AVS  will assist you with. USA consulates require a personal interview, AVS will prep you to be confident in your interview.

AVS will strategize with you on your case & assist you with the complete process, forms & application


USA Visa Help by AVS

  1. Briefing Session to understand your individual case.
  2. Filing of form DS 160.
  3. Stanley receipt and Fees paying assistance.
  4. Second Briefing session on how to answer the questions to best present your case.
  5. Third Briefing session of Mock Interviews.
  6. Preparation of your paper work
  7. How to Dress and How to present briefing
  8. On site support for Finger Printing.
  9. On site support on Day of Interview.
  10. Passport collection and Delivery.